National Firearms Museum Staying Open for Thanksgiving


For the first time in history, the NRA National Firearms Museum is planning to throw open their doors this Thursday for Thanksgiving. It’s a holiday tradition that appears to be catching on.

“We stayed open for the first time this 4th of July and the visitors poured in,” said Museum Director Jim Supica. “It was our second best attendance day ever. That’s when we decided it was time for a change.”

That change is a new National Firearms Museum holiday policy. With the exception of Christmas, the doors (between the hours of 9:30 am and 5 pm) will continue to stay open.

“The Museum provides a great family outing before or after Thanksgiving dinner,” said Supica. “Its a great place to bring out of town guests who are interested in the story of America’s firearms heritage.”

Part of that heritage includes the Mayflower Gun. Brought to America by John Alden on the good ship Mayflower, this national treasure is believed to be the only known surviving firearm from the days of the Pilgrims. And it keeps getting better from there.

Firearms from every era and almost every significant American event can be found within these walls. The War of 1812, Colonial Expansion, the Civil War, Manifest Destiny, both World Wars and 9/11. And for your movie buffs out there, we have a special Hollywood Guns section just for you.

So if you’re waiting for that turkey, or you’re looking to walk off that extra helping of stuffing and pumpkin pie, come by the National Firearms Museum. Let’s put the July 4th attendance to shame.

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