One flaw of an iPhone app that imitates a hare’s distress calls may be that that it works too well. When Norwegian teenager Lars Andreas Bjercke downloaded the app and tested it out on a neighborhood fox, he lost his expensive smartphone to the animal’s curiosity and its instincts.

Every evening for a couple of days, he would turn on the app and set it on the road near his house where a fox had been hanging around. The animal circled the phone for several nights before it mustered up the courage to examine this animal-in-a-box up close.

The app worked so well that the fox couldn’t stifle his curiosity any longer. It snapped up the phone in its jaw and ran off with it, perhaps hoping to get the hare out. Bjercke went chasing after it to no avail. Once any sight of the fox was lost, Bjercke and his friend called the phone and to their surprise, the fox picked up, according to the Norwegian newspaper Verdens Gang.

“There was a crackling sound and some noise,” Bjercke told the newspaper.

The next day, a friend wondered why Bjercke had sent him such a weird text message. Through Facebook, his friend said the message was just a series of random numbers and letters: “jlv I øi\a0ab 34348tu åaugjoi zølbmosdji jsøg ijio sjiw.”

The theft happened in late November and Bjercke’s phone has since stopped ringing when called. He still hasn’t recovered his phone, but he hopes that it will show up one day.

Watch the fox in action in the video below.


A lady in England a few weeks ago was much luckier than Bjercke when a fox stole her purse, but returned it within minutes.

Image screenshot of video by welbydperez on youtube

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