Ok, this one is for all my fellow adrenaline junkies: Gander Mountain Academy’s VIRTUAL SIMULATORS!

I have known about their Virtual Range concept for a while now, however, I wasn’t all that impressed. Frankly, you can get the same experience from any decent gaming console or your local Dave & Buster’s. But then again, why would you do that if you can shoot your real firearm at the nearby range?

The Simulators, my friends, are a totally different ball game. As Gander’s website puts it these babies are “fully immersive, high-definition video, multi-screen, interactive virtual simulators.” And that about sums it up–you literally walk into a multi-dimensional defensive situation virtual reality. They have them available 180° & 300° environments with several locations across the US. Formerly only available to elite military and law enforcement agencies, these cutting-edge simulators are now available to the public for our field training needs or recreational pleasure. I know I am a fan.

Check it out:


Here is the link which also lists all the locations: https://gandermtnacademy.gandermountain.com/simulation

I know next time I find myself near one of these things, I’ll try it for sure! Would you like to see how you’d react in a defensive situation?

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Image courtesy Diana/Gander Mountain

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