Shelly Ray, CEO of HERCAMOSHOP, LLC, announced a new lineup of huntresses representing the company. “Today, I am excited to announce new members to our pro- and field-staffs. These women epitomize passionate outdoors’ enthusiasts. They are the types of women who will help empower other women to join the ranks of hunters and lead our next generation to the outdoors,” said Shelly.

Stacy Young, Lori Smith, Sarah Terril and Trisha Bowen will represent HERCAMOSHOP in pro-staff positions. “As field staff, Stacy, Lori, Sarah and Trisha provided many hours of support to HERCAMOSHOP and tirelessly promoted our company at shows, events and with their online resources,” said Shelly. She continued, “The four new members of our field staff are Becky Lou Lacock, Tammy Ballew, Brenda Dugan and Angie Hass-Tennison. I am thrilled that these women have chosen to join the HERCAMOSHOP family and I look forward to working with them.”

Field- and pro-staff members promote HERCAMOSHOP and provide assistance at shows and events. They also empower more women to experience outdoor adventures.

Image courtesy HERCAMOSHOP

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