Andrew Ucles, 24, is making a name for himself (over 144k views on his youtube channel) by exploring the Australian wilderness and putting together amazing videos like this one.

According to his website, he’s been teaching himself how to “capture some of Australia’s most dangerous wildlife bare handed including snakes, spiders, crocodiles and even sharks.”

In this video Ucles catches a deer bare-handed or, as he puts it, “no guns, traps, tools or weapons, the true test of man vs nature.”


Image is a screenshot courtesy Andrew Ucles on youtube

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6 thoughts on “Video: Taking Down a Deer Bare-handed

  1. Good for you Andrew. I mostly hunt with muzzleloading guns and crossbows and sometimes take deer at less than 10 yards. Watch yourself though, these deer can kill with hooves as well as with horns.

  2. Hilarious. Good thing he rubbed himself up with mud to kill his scent, and chewed the leaf to cover his breath. Otherwise he’d never have been able to run a red deer down barefooted through the scrub brush. Slippery start, though. lol.

  3. Dupped!!! All of you. No man is going to run down a red deer much less catch one in his bare feet and drag him back into camera view. Obviously a pet deer from some farm; notice how young it is as well; wouldn’t want to use an adult stag when staging this. This guys a FAKE. BUT… his message is ok. Just be honest Andrew.

  4. If you managed to grab a whitetail buck like that, and that’s a BIG IF, he would shred your backside with his hooves.

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