Traditions Media adds to the pot, joining Frabill at “Basecamp Plano”

The Frabill brand has rung loud and proud since Franklin D. Roosevelt first strategized in the Oval Office and a bucket of bait could be gotten with pocket change. Some 64 years later, the trusted Frabill brand continues its heritage of innovation and uncompromising craftsmanship. Likewise, Illinois’ favorite son Plano likely manufactured your Daddy’s tackle box; his Daddy’s; and his Daddy’s-Daddy’s-Daddy’s dating back to 1952.

The two iconic brands are peas in a pod, like a tackle tray sporting the perfect mix of lures.

Beyond building best of class products, esteemed companies like Frabill and Plano rely on professional brand stewardship and media communications. Given that philosophy, on the heels of acquiring Frabill, Plano brought in the media communications company that played a pivotal role in the Frabill rebrand and subsequent growth. The group is Traditions Media, LLC, based out of fishing’s epicenter in Minnesota.

The fishing-focused organization has established itself as a premier, results-oriented team of communicators. And Plano Sr. Vice President of Sales and Marketing Jesse Simpkins definitely took notice of Traditions Media’s role in Frabill’s rise. “Over the last several years we’ve been seeing more and more of the Frabill brand. Whether it was new product reviews, online video clips, email campaigns, or more recently in social media, Plano knew Traditions Media’s fingerprints were all over it.

“We’re excited about having them in camp – not only to continue driving Frabill, but also share some of their magic with the Plano brand, both in hunting and fishing.,” said Simpkins.

Traditions Media President Noel Vick echoes the sentiments of partnering with the epic Plano brand. “Truthfully, our job is made easier when we’re promoting legacy brands like Plano and Frabill. You don’t have to pretend like you’re best in class, when you are. We’re blessed to be working with the greatest names in fishing.”

Traditions Media will serve as primary media contact for Plano and Frabill. Their duties to include trade communications, copywriting and email campaign management.

Image courtesy Traditions Media

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