NRA’s largest competitive shooting event set to begin January 1

In just a week’s time it will be 2013 and competitive shooters may begin taking part in the sectional tournaments that make up the NRA National Indoor Rifle and Pistol Championships. Already the NRA’s bigest competition with thousands of participants, the addition of BB Gun and Light Rifle this year is expected to give even more of a boost.

Unlike NRA matches shot at one location such as the Bianchi Cup or the National Matches at Camp Perry, the Indoor Championships are fired at local sectional tournaments whose results are sent to the NRA and pitted against everyone else. Aside from being a fun way to compete with so many other competitors, the Indoor Championships are one of the easiest ways to get involved with the shooting sports.

Also, unlike the NRA’s more traditional tournaments, the Indoor Championships are held during a window of time spanning practically the entire winter. Specifically, competitors have from Jan. 1 through March 18 for Open Sectionals, Jan. 1 through Feb. 12 for Collegiate Sectionals, and Jan. 1 through Apr. 15 for Junior Sectionals. There were almost 300 held in 2012 and we expect to surpass that number in 2013.

Starting to get interested? The championships are open to anyone and everyone in the country as long as you can make it to a sectional tournament. And with so many held across the country during such a long period of time it would be pretty hard not to attend one.

After the top scores are compiled here at headquarters, results are announced and awards are mailed out – could it get any easier?

The NRA National Indoor Championships are a lot of fun and the perfect chance to try out any new gifts you got this holiday season. Want to host a sectional or learn more about shooting in one? Give the NRA a call:

  • Rifle: Dian Bullock, (703) 267-1482
  • Pistol: Ann Boyd, (703) 267-1452
  • Collegiate: Tori Croft, (703) 267-1473

You can also e-mail the Rifle Department at and find out how to get in on the action.

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