In the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy, the NRA and other organizations have moved to educate teachers and other school staff on firearms in order to try and prevent events like those of December 14, 2012 from happening again.

That movement is gaining support in some parts of the country. The Utah Shooting Sports Council recently offered free concealed weapons training to Utah Teachers and over 200 were expected to attend.

Not to be out done, a gun store in Texas has nearly doubled that number during a recent class.

On Saturday, December 30, Lone Star Handgun, located in San Antonio, offered free Concealed Handgun License (CHL) training to anyone who works with students at a school. The 400 slots made available to public were filled within 24 hours.

“We’re trying to educate the educators and get forward moment in the Legislature to allow teachers and any other concealed handgun license holder into schools or any other public place,” said Josh Felker, owner of Lone Star Handgun, to

Kim Williams, an educator from Houston had this to say during a break in the course: “I’m entrusted to the care and safety of over 100 students. I want to be prepared.”

Texas law currently only allows concealed carry on school grounds by written authorization or specific school policy.

Image courtesy Emily Stanchfield on flickr

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  • Mr.Bill

    That’s Awesome!! GO TEXAS!!

  • larry fargo

    this is great all teachers should do the same

  • we have 1 school district in west texas that currently allows & hopefully every other one in state will follow suit.

  • Weasy

    This makes me want to vomit. I shall be homeschooling my kids if guns are allowed in my kids schools.

    • Mb

      I’m assuming you live in Texas. Are you going to let your kids go to bowling alleys, movie theaters, the grocery store, parks, or any other public place in Texas? People EVERYWHERE carry firearms…are you going to keep your kids away from everyone who might have a concealed firearm?

    • move to michigan, they are a gun free state!!

      • ThinkerDoer

        No it isn’t. All the criminals have guns. How safe does that make you feel?

    • ThinkerDoer

      That’s backwards. You are overlooking the fact that a school with no armed guardians has no protection against killers with guns. I would more likely homeschool my kids if there were no guns allowed to staff.

  • @048d2116896e609a10fbe694b21e153d:disqus
    Guns weren’t “allowed” in Connecticut but that didn’t save those kids. If ONE of the teachers had been allowed to carry there pistol then many of those deaths could have been avoided.

    Those who give up freedom for security deserve neither.

  • chris

    ii am sorry, i agree with the whole idea. the teachers are there, they can be the first line of defense….if they choose to be. the one school in Texas that i read about has teachers that have CCL’s, they have under gone phsy. eval. and hostage neg. . this is a great thing, i am glad to see that 400 teachers stepped up to proctect themselves and “OUR” Texas kiddo’s. i think if the school system knows who these people are, maybe there could be a little extra in the paychecks for them…i know as a grandparent i would chip in.