To give anglers an edge on the water, inventor Ed Hope from Wichita, Kansas has created and patented a “smart” fishing pole. The Tackobox Poletap SmartRod uses computer-controlled accelerometer technology to detect when fish bite, giving the user time to react to reel in the catch.

In an email message, Hope said the technology is ideal for anglers that bank fish, fish at night, use multiple poles, those trolling and drift-fishing, and for anglers with visual or hearing disabilities. He also mentioned that this might help the young and digitally-oriented into the sport of fishing.

Hope’s “Poletap” technology is water-resistent and works with any reel. It works by combining a microchip with an accelerometer that measures sensitivity through the entire rod as well as a preset tilt mode that reads angle changes (for fish who slowly make away with their catch). When a bite is detected, the rod alerts the angler with a light and sound alarm. It automatically shuts down temporarily when the angler begins the reel the fish in, so as to not disturb other anglers. There is the option to turn off the sound alarm and alert the user with flashing LED lights.

View a product demonstration of the Tackobox Poletap SmartRod in the video below.

SmartRod Promo from Tackobox on Vimeo.

The system works with the touch of a single button. Anglers set the setting to high, medium, or low sensitivity based on the wave situation, ranging from fishing in tumultuous waters to a calm night on a quiet pond. “We have succeeded in creating a product that has [advanced] technology yet it is simple to use and easy to understand,” Hope said. “You can actually hand it to anyone and they will operate it correctly without reading instructions.” When turned on, the rod can still be carried around by anglers without going off, as it is designed to respond to tugs on the line.

Currently, the SmartRod is raising production funds through Indiegogo, where a $55 donation will secure your rod once they are available. Each rod requires two CR2032 lithium cell batteries, good for approximately one to two seasons depending on use. There are three versions available to choose from: a 7-foot spinning rod, a 6.6-foot spincast rod or a 7-foot spinning combo (all rods in either black or white). Find more information on the Poletap SmartRod’s Indiegogo page. A product review of the SmartRod from Outdoor Hub is coming soon.

Image courtesy Ed Hope

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