Fears about future changes to US firearms laws have consumers scrambling to purchase popular semi-auto sporting rifles and standard-capacity magazines for those rifles.

With almost all magazines out of stock at retailers in the US, and prices often reaching 1,000 percent above standard retail pricing, an Israeli manufacturer has increased production to help mitigate the magazine shortage.

The E-Lander factory has transitioned to round-the-clock shifts to maximize AR-15 magazine production, shipping pallets of magazines to the US importer, The Mako Group, several times each week.

E-Lander produces high-quality steel magazines for the Tavor and M16 rifles used by the Israeli Defense Forces. The Mako Group imports E-Lander rifle magazines in standard 30 and 40 round capacities, and also lower-capacity 20 and 10 round versions, and E-Lander pistol magazines for Jericho (Baby Eagle) and Tanfoglio pistols.

“When demand for magazines skyrocketed and we saw other companies increasing their prices, we made the decision that we would not increase our prices, and asked E-Lander to increase their production instead,” Addy Sandler, CEO of The Mako Group explained from Israel, where he is meeting with E-Lander executives.

“Our prices have remained the same and E-Lander’s production is keeping up with demand. We have 30 round AR-15 magazines in stock and are shipping thousands of magazines daily. We have doubled our workforce in our shipping department, and all personnel at our company headquarters are also packing and shipping orders.

Shooters fear that the magazines that they buy in the next few weeks will be the last that they can buy in their lifetimes. We are in a unique position to provide quality magazines at affordable prices, and still keep magazines in stock.”

The Mako Group has E-Lander Magazines in stock, and E-Lander is confident that they have the production capacity to keep up with demand from the US Market.

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2 thoughts on “Israeli Magazine Factory Running Round-the-Clock to Provide AR-15 Mags to the US

  1. Great more high capacity on the streets . Stop all imports now . We can make then here. Israeli in nothing but a war country .

    1. Yeah, we don’t need high cap mags…..just like we don’t need high powered long range rifles for hunting……

      When will some of these ignorant hunters realize that they are just pawns of the anti gun industry. They will nod and gladly accept zero round capacity guns because they are short sighted. I have been a long time hunter and long time firearms collector. These standard capacity mags are not high capacity magazines. The limit of rounds will not stop crime. Do you think it takes an engineering degree to weld two pieces of metal together? I bet all criminals are just too stupid and can’t do that.

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