For three seasons, a Scottish wildlife cameraman dedicated his life to filming a wild polar bear family in Svalbald, Norway, for the upcoming BBC Two series, The Polar Bear Family and Me. After his return, BBC News spoke to the cameraman, Gordon Buchanan, about one of his most terrifying encounters when a polar bear became uncomfortably interested in him. Luckily, he was enclosed in the protection of an “ice cube.” While still frightening, it did make for some incredible footage from right below a polar bear’s mouth.


View the interview with BBC Morning by clicking here. If you’re wondering whether the cameramen outside the ice cube were in any danger, they were not. They were filming with a high-magnification lens from 250 meters (820 feet) away. The Polar Bear Family and Me airs on Monday, January 7 at 9:30 p.m. on BBC Two.

Image screenshot of video by Gordon Buchanan on BBC News

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