Corinth Lake in Grant County will be closed to the public from Jan. 20 through Feb. 2.

Fisheries biologists with the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources plan to spray the 96-acre lake with a chemical designed to eliminate gizzard shad. Although the chemical is not harmful to humans, wildlife or pets, the department will close the lake as a precaution.

The department is taking action because shad, which were introduced from an unknown source, are affecting the growth of bluegill and redear sunfish in the lake. Shad are prohibited from being used as bait in Corinth Lake because of their potential to harm the panfish fishery.

Kentucky Fish and Wildlife manages this lake for fishing. Gizzard shad removal will help begin the restoration of the panfish fishery that was once popular at Corinth Lake.

The eradication will have minimal impact to bass, catfish and panfish in Corinth Lake. The department has performed similar shad removal projects over the past 20 years at several small impoundments, including Beaver, Elmer Davis and McNeely lakes.

Image courtesy Kentucky Fish and Wildlife

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