Well, at least one animal gets to live after a good-natured citizen frees one trapped inside his home garbage can. The unnamed man in the video below feels good about doing a good deed and not bringing any harm to an animal that found itself wandering inside his home. He comes to the park to free it, but the poor mouse barely make it 30 feet away from him before it meets its maker. Fate had it out for the little mouse.


Image from Edward Simpson (Ed.ward) on the flickr Creative Commons

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2 thoughts on “Video: Seconds After a Mouse is Released into the Wild, the Wild Takes Over

  1. This guy is not a bad person (as he states). Rather, he’s simply stupid. If the mouse had bitten him and escaped, he would have to take a rabies regimen of shots. If the mouse had survived, it would have been the source of thousands more of its kind, feeding future predators. Should have turned it over to a zoo for one of its snakes or other food need. 😉

  2. Doesn’t anyone else think this is a set-up like the baby and eagle? Surely, the mouse wouldn’t have gone out into the open once being released but would have stayed under cover.

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