Louisiana DFW: Fall Shrimp Season to in Majority of Waters East of the Mississippi


Today, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries announced fall shrimp season will close in all state inside waters east of the Mississippi River, except for the open waters of Breton and Chandeleur Sounds, at sunset this Friday, January 18.

The Department took action in December to extend the fall shrimp season in these waters, but current sampling by LDWF fisheries biologists indicates that average white shrimp size in these waters is smaller than 100 count per pound. This action protects these small, white shrimp and provides increased opportunity for growth to larger, more valuable sizes.

Effective with this closure, shrimping will only be allowed in:

  • Open waters of Breton and Chandeleur Sounds as described by the double-rig line in R.S. 56:491(A), and
  • All state outside beyond three nautical miles from the northwest shore of Caillou Boca westward to Freshwater Bayou Canal, and
  • All state outside waters east of the northwest shore of Caillou Boca as well as state outside waters west of Freshwater Bayou Canal

The shrimping industry is the most valuable commercial fishery in Louisiana, averaging over 8,700 licensed recreational and commercial shrimpers annually over the past five years.

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