First and foremost from Hornady for 2013 is the Critical Duty .45 Auto +P, a 220-grain FlexLock bullet that is designed primarily as a law enforcement/tactical round that will perform well in the FBI protocol terminal performance test. The FBI protocol test is the standard that most law enforcement agencies use. On that test, you shoot into gelatin and five barriers, and you want to see penetration from 12 to 18 inches into any barrier, such as heavy clothing, metal, sheetrock, or automobile glass. Making a round that has the same relative performance in bare gelatin and glass or steel is extremely difficult.

The Critical Duty round is designed to do just that. It  features the Hornady FlexTip technology that helps prevent bullet clogging and aids in expansion while improving barrier penetration and terminal performance. This bullet also includes the InterLock band to hold the jacket and core together. For more information on the Critical Duty, visit

Image by Bob Robertson

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