Four Seasons of History Channel competitors meet outside Volquarsten booth at SHOT Show

Love them, hate them, wouldn’t miss a Top Shot episode staring them during the History Channel’s short four season run.

If you’re a fan of the show, and who in the shooting community isn’t, then there had to be at least one competitor in the mix that stirred some sort of emotion. William Beatherds who decided to walk away from the show. Gabby Franco, the first female to reach the green shirts. And Brian Zins, eleven-time NRA Pistol Champion and Top Shot runner-up.

Here they were — back together again.

“Dustin put the whole thing together,” said Season 4 champ Chris Cheng. “If there’s any credit to be had for this event, it should all go to him.”

Getting a picture was quite challenging too. It wasn’t the number (seventeen in all as Season 1 winner Iain Harrison showed up just after the photo) that made it difficult, it was pealing away the fans. Though the last episode was aired almost a year ago, there are still plenty of well wishers completely tickled to see their favorite shooters in the flesh.

“It speaks to how important a show like Top Shot is,” said Season 4’s Gabby Franco. “I see the fans here, the fans at home, there are fans everywhere. Those are people who aren’t scared of guns. That’s a good thing.”

The crowd and competitors dissipated soon enough. Pose for a picture here, sign an autograph there, and it was done. Some had to get back to booth duty (Michelle Viscusi, for example, had to get back to signing autographs at the GLOCK booth) while others just had to go. Get back to roaming the halls, to see what they could see.

If only there was someone here at the SHOT Show who could thrill them as much as they thrilled the crowds that afternoon.

Image courtesy NRA Blog

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