Inspired by running shoes, the new lightweight, very comfortable Big Game Hunter Hiker Boot from L.L. Bean also features good traction, as well as these other characteristics that runners need and request in their shoes. The boot has a Gore-Tex bladder for waterproofing, 200 grams of PermaLoft for insulation and a Boa Closure System that makes taking and putting the boot on and off super easy.

“The Boa Closure System is a lacing system that’s designed to replace laces in shoes and boots,” Jeff Miller, senior product developer for L.L. explains. “Where the laces normally will come together, there’s a dial that allows you to tighten or loosen the boots with no strings. You can customize how tightly or loosely you want the boot to fit by simply turning this dial. The Boa Closure System never fails, breaks or comes untied and gives the wearer exceptional support.” For more information about L.L. Bean’s new Big Game Hunter Hike Boot, go to

Image by John Phillips

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