Scent-Lok has gone one step further than many scent elimination companies, creating a scent elimination product and then putting that product inside the garments it sells. Two new products Scent-Lok has come out with for 2013 are the Commando Crossbow pants and top.

“The Crossbow design has caught on in the hunting industry and is fast growing in popularity,” Greg Sesselmann, president of Scent-Lok Technologies, reports. “We at Scent-Lok recognize that the crossbow hunter often needs a different type of apparel than the conventional bowhunter or gun hunter does. Our company designed the soft, quiet and comfortable Commando Crossbow clothing that includes many technical advantages specific to the crossbow hunter and comes exclusively in Mossy Oak patterns. This top has thumbhole cuffs in the sleeves, which aren’t as tightly fitted as a bowhunter’s sleeves.

“Our company specializes in odor-eliminating apparel and has patents going back to 1992 on activated-carbon utilization, the strongest absorbent known to man. We’ve gotten an extension on our patents for another 6 years. Last year, we thought our patents were about to expire. Being a technology company, we developed the patent-pending Carbon Alloy, a combination of coconut-shell carbon and several other additives that enhances the odor absorption of carbon. We offer an ionic super-treated carbon now. Our new suits have three different types of absorbents in them.”

Another new suit Scent-Lok Technologies is offering for 2013 is the Alpha Tech in Realtree patterns that features lightweight ripstop material for warm- to cool-temperature zones. For more information about the new Scent-Lok Technologies products, check-out, or call 1-800-315-5799.

Image by John Phillips

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