The Final Attack sneak boat from Beavertail Products allows you to get to where the birds are–and fish, too. This product doubles as a boat and a field blind. The boat can take up to a 2 HP outboard motor. It has an open-cockpit design which is very stable. The “Final Attack” weighs in at 85 lbs. and has travel wheels built into the transom so you can easily move the boat around on pavement without scratching up the bottom of the boat.

The boat also is offered with an optional removable pit cover and an optional backrest which are sold separately. The boat is 8 ft. long and is very stable. You can easily paddle this boat with a kayak paddle that is at least 9 feet long, or can be easily maneuvered with a small trolling motor.

“At a retail price of $479.99 for the boat only, this is very affordable for a blind/sneak boat,” said Rick Alsen, National Sales Manager.

Image by Bob Robertson

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One thought on “The Final Attack Sneak Boat from Beavertail Gets You Where the Birds Are

  1. I agree strongly with Rick Alsen on this one. I have used and abused my final attack boat and it has never let me down yet. As an avid waterfowler and angler I can honestly say this boat has given me an advantage over others in my area for both sports. I would gladly recommend this boat to others for price vs usability there is no comparison I have found.

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