Scent Killer has developed a new spray with Hunt Dry technology, according to Ron Bice, PR director for the Wildlife Research Center, the makers of Scent Killer. You can pre-apply Scent Killer Gold to your hunting clothes and let it dry, which keeps you from having to go into the field, spraying down with this odor eliminator and then having a wet layer over your outer clothing.

“Rutgers University found that Scent Killer Gold is 99% effective at stopping replicated human odor on cloth that had been treated 10 days in advance of being tested,” Bice explains. “So, you can wash your hunting clothes, dry them, spray them with Scent Killer Gold or completely saturate them, let your clothes dry, store them in a scent-free bag, and take your clothes out when you’re ready to go hunting. You don’t have to re-apply the Scent Killer Gold, a tremendous advantage, particularly when hunting in cold weather. Scent Killer Gold features the longest-lasting Scent Killer product our company ever has produced.”

You can also use Scent Killer Gold Clothes Wash, which will wash twice as many loads of clothes as the previous products and also works well in high-efficiency washers. This new clothes wash gets your clothes clean and makes your clothes as scent-free as possible before you go hunting. For more information on Scent Killer Gold Spray, go to

Image by John Phillips

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