Learn from the best and put it to the test at this year’s Bianchi Cup.

How hard do you work to get a close group? Do you watch the world’s top shooters and wish you could get their scores? What are their secrets? You can read all the magazine articles and online discussion boards as you like, but it doesn’t come close to a personal training session at the range, does it?

What’s that? The top pistol shooters in the world are holding a clinic this spring at the 2013 MidwayUSA/NRA Bianchi Cup?

Get up close and personal with pros like Rob Leatham, Jessie Duff, Mickey Fowler, Rob Vadasz and Carl Bernosky for some hands-on action pistol training. They’ll be dropping tips left and right about how to propel yourself to their level and give them a run for their money.

The Bianchi Cup is being shot in it’s usual location, Columbia, Missouri, May 22-25. So as not to interfere with the rigorous competition schedules of these top shooters, the clinic will be held a couple days earlier on May 20. Even though you’ll need to get into town a couple days earlier than everyone else, you’re sure to walk away a better shooter than before. And to top it all off you’ll be able to try your new skills out at the Bianchi Cup two days later.

Want to sign up or get more info on the clinic? Write us at bianchicup@nrahq.org

Whether you’re an experienced action pistol shooter or just picked up your first gun, you’ll want to be at this clinic.

Image courtesy NRA Blog

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