The new Vortek StrikerFire muzzleloading rifle from Traditions features an internal hammerless ignition system that’s controlled by a easy-to-use button behind the receiver that cocks and uncocks the striker mechanism.

Simply side the striker button forward until it locks and then shoot. If you open the rifle’s action for any reason, it automatically uncocks the mechanism. By eliminating the external hammer, hunters benefit from a faster lock time and a smoother trigger pull, which is further enhanced by the StrikerFire’s two-stage trigger.

With the area clear behind the rifle’s receiver, scopes can be mounted closer to the barrel, which makes for faster, smoother alignment when mounting the StrikerFire for quick shots. The StrikerFire also features a dual-safety system, which includes a manual trigger-block safety and an internal striker block. Further, the rifle uses a magnum musket ignition system, which makes it legal for use in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

Hunters will also like the StrikerFire’s removable butt pad and hollow butt stock, which provides convenient storage for patches, easy-loaders and other small, lightweight items. Finally, this rifle features a fluted barrel and easily removed breech plug, and it tips the scales at 6 pounds. MSRP is $489 for the matte black stock and $569 for the camo Premium CeraKote finish.

Image courtesy Patrick Durkin

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