Jason David Frank, 38, has gone on to make a name for himself after his stint as the Green Ranger for being consummate adventurer. A World Karate Union Hall of Fame recipient, the actor and martial artist invented his own form of American Karate, earned a seventh degree black belt and put his fists where his mouth is by racking up a few wins as a mixed martial arts fighter.

Now Frank has decided to bring his physical prowess to the skies. In the following video, the ex-GreenRanger leaps from an airplane with several assistants and proceeds to break seven pine boards with only his hands. Impressively, he was able to maneuver from strike to strike by using freefalling techniques to control his descent.


According to the Huffington Post, the skydive bested the previous world record of five wooden boards broken. Contrary to some reports, Frank did not make use of a megazord in this attempt.

Image screenshot of video by FailCompany01 on youtube

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