Maryland Natural Resource Police (NRP) rescued two men, Thomas Soberdash III, 47, of Dunbar, Pa. and Robert Ebbert, 47, of Fairfield, Iowa, who were ice fishing from the waters of Deep Creek Lake at around 1:30 p.m. yesterday.

NRP officers responded to a call that two men that had fallen through the ice near 1190 Rock Lodge Road in McHenry. When officers arrived they saw the men approximately 250 yards from shore in the icy waters of Deep Creek Lake. The two officers that responded put on exposure suits, tied ropes to their suits and headed out on the ice the rescue them. The first officer got within 15 feet of the victims, threw a line to them, immediately broke through the ice into the lake and assisted the men to shore. They were transported to Garrett Memorial Hospital and are listed in stable condition.

The victims said they were in the lake for approximately 20 minutes and did not think they would have lasted much longer if the NRP officers did not show up.

Natural Resource Police asks citizens to stay off the ice until colder temperatures return to the area. The recent warming trend has weakened and melted the ice making in unfit to be on. For more information on safety at Deep Creek Lake, click here.

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