Archery enthusiasts will soon have the chance to try out a new program for their mobile phones, but this is not your typical app. Bowblade Corp. is currently accepting pre-orders for their signature product, a bow-shaped attachment that will let users simulate archery shooting on 35 apps available for download on either iOS or Android phones. The bow attachment is designed to emulate the weight and feel of a real bow. Chiropractor and physical wellness adviser Roy Green envisioned the concept originally to serve as a exercise tool.

The Bowblade website boasts that a full body workout can be achieved in only 10 minutes. Golf and tennis players may find the Bowblade especially useful because of the frame’s ability to strengthen rotator cuffs and forearms. Even when not actively exercising, the Bowblade develops muscle in the upper back and shoulders when using one of its related apps.

For the gamers among us, the Bowblade also offers connectivity to the Nintendo Wii and scheduled releases for the Playstation and XBox. Perhaps the makers had in mind Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts paired with this new gizmo for an added sense of immersion.

The Bowblade is set to ship in April with three sizes: a standard version for $185 and two weighted exercise editions for around $200.

The following video is a demonstration of the Bowblade:


Image screenshot of video by Phoebe Green on youtube

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