Fishhound,, one of the fastest-growing membership-based websites and leading provider of real-time fishing reports, announced today that it landed 17 new advertising partners during the month of January. The list includes some of the industry’s top rod, lure, electronics and accessory manufacturers – all eager to take advantage of Fishhound’s social media savvy and unique promotional opportunities.

“We’re excited to welcome St. Croix, Frabill, Plano, TTI-Blakemore and all the other well-known and respected companies that have recently made the decision to partner with Fishhound,” said Rick Patri,’s vice president, operations. “Each of these manufacturers will be leveraging our thriving community of hardcore anglers and capitalizing on Fishhound’s proven ability to increase consumer interest and sales.”

Fishhound harnesses the power of the Web and social media to generate unparalleled online exposure for every one of its advertising partners. Through its popular Product Showcase, Fishhound allows fishing-related manufacturers and service providers to connect directly and instantly with a huge angling audience. In addition to receiving prominent promotion at the site, partner products are the topics of ongoing “conversation” at the incredibly active Fishhound Facebook page, which now boasts more than 380,000 fans. The Product Showcase also generates interest and demand by offering Fishhound members unprecedented field testing opportunities. By simply participating at and posting at the site’s Facebook page, members earn points redeemable for valuable fishing products they field test, report on and keep. This results in tremendous earned media for the manufacturers, angler feedback and testimonials that spread quickly throughout YouTube, Facebook and Fishhound’s large and continuously growing online community.

Below is a complete list of the 17 new advertising partners that signed on with Fishhound in January:

Fishhound leverages the viral nature of social media to create a platform where anglers, manufacturers, lodges, tackle shops and a variety of fishing-related businesses interact with one another. By understanding the way changes in buying patterns affect today’s consumer, Fishhound is able to educate and influence the purchasing decisions of more than 1 million social-media-savvy anglers per month. Sign up for free at

To learn more about Fishhound or promote your company’s products through Fishhound’s Product Showcase, contact Program Manager John Loughlin,

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