Have Gun, No Need to Travel – the NRA Indoor Rifle & Pistol Championships


This year’s NRA Metric Championship looks fun, right? The only problem is it’s in the summer and we’re in February. Camp Perry? The Bianchi Cup? Black Powder Championships? All in the summer too. Where can a competitive shooter find some action during the winter?

The answer is the NRA National Indoor Rifle & Pistol Championships. Shot between multiple sectional tournaments across the country, the Indoor Championships are the NRA’s bigest competition with thousands of participants. Between smallbore, air rifle, BB gun light rifle, pistol and air pistol, competitors have a lot of options.

Because the championship is held at sectionals in so many places, there is a large window for shooters to compete. The Open championship runs from 1/1 – 3/18 and the Junior championship from 1/1 – 4/15.

Results are sent to the NRA where they’re compiled and pitted against everyone else’s. When the winners are determined, final scores are released and prizes mailed out. It’s a great way to compete with many other shooters in a fun championship that’s easy to get involved with and shouldn’t require much travel.

Sound like something you’d want to do this winter? It’s not too late to get involved. The championships are open to anyone and everyone in the country, so there isn’t much excuse to be left out.

If you’d like to learn more about finding a sectional near you or hosting one of your own in the future, give the NRA a call:

  • Rifle: Dian Bullock, (703) 267-1482
  • Pistol: Ann Boyd, (703) 267-1452
  • Collegiate: Tori Croft, (703) 267-1473

You can also e-mail the Rifle Department at [email protected] and find out how to get in on the action.

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