Last Monday, Ted Nugent sat down with CNN’s Piers Morgan to talk gun control. Morgan asked Nugent to tell him “in the least inflammatory way possible” why Americans need to have the AR-15 rifle.

From there things got heated–though most agreed Nugent strongly and coherently represented arguments for firearm ownership.

At one point Nugent asks Morgan, “Do you care about murders? Or do you only care about murders with guns?”

Morgan responded that he cared about death in all it’s forms.

Nugent didn’t accept that statement. “I don’t think you do. I think you care about guns. You’re obsessed with guns.”

That’s not where they stopped. Check out the rest of this video for the whole story.


More Nugent on gun control.

Image courtesy Lenny Francioni via Wikimedia Commons

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8 thoughts on “Video: Ted Nugent vs. Piers Morgan on Gun Control

  1. Piers threw out a lot of questions, but didn’t bother to answer any of Nugents questions. Not much of a debate or interview if all they’re doing is asking questions and answering none.

  2. There’s a lot of chatter about “gun control” lately. What folks don’t seem to get is that a gun, loaded or not, is a paperweight. It doesn’t need to be “controlled” until someone picks it up. Plenty of sane, law abiding citizens own guns and don’t need to be controlled. Its’ the comparative few unstable folks who pick up a gun with bad intent that need the control.

  3. Piers Morgan doesn’t let any of his guests answer his questions unless the answer agrees with his train of thoughts. Ted does not get a chance to respond because Piers interrupts him. Piers is 100% against any one owning a gun and he will use statistics from countries such as Yemen and others with a large number of radicals. Ted keep up the good work.

  4. Piers continually throws out the “Gotcha” questions, but whenever someone starts to answer what Piers deems coherent he asks another. Shut up and let him answer Piers!

  5. He asserts Yemen is the #2 nation in gun ownership. This is based on an estimate of 54.8 guns per 100 people taken from the Small Arms Survey of 2007. But the range of the estimate (i.e., possible error) is from 28.6 to 81.1 guns! The same report lists the following countries and their ranks: Syria, 112, Mexico 42, Sudan 93, Mali 149 and at the bottom, Tunisia 178. Presumably, Mr. Morgan would argue that these countries are much safer than, e.g., Switzerland, Sweden, or Finland which are ranked in the top ten of this report.

  6. The question was asked, “why a gun like that? Indeed, Morgan is trying to take the matter out of context. Why is answered…Because it fulfills a basic drive/desire/need for activity. Perhaps the question should be asked, why to we need:to run, to swim, to play hockey, to box, to horserace, to play football, to ride snowmobiles, four wheelers, motorcycles that go 160 mph and cars that do the same. Why do we need to play soccer, cricket, rugby. Why do we need to use glass, or to use glass in bars. Come to think of it the British Gov’t tried to ban glass in all the pubs because it was claimed to be used in fights, heck why not just shut down and ban all the pubs? How well would that go over in Britain….I dare say, NOT AT ALL. The fact is pubs are a British institution and part of the culture. It seems Morgan is taking the same old Imperial British line, in which the reaction to any disturbance is: remove all the weapons. It has existed since my ancestors in Scotland had their broad swords, pipes and songs banned. It is easy to say to another, “you do not need…” But; the fact of the matter is, the firearm is here in America, it is a part of the culture and lifestyle and we have a 2nd amendment that protects that right. We have a right to carry-on legitimate, lawful activities with lawfully owned guns. Gun ownership is not a predicter of crime, quite the opposite. I am an avid flintlock shooter. I do not own an AR-15, but I do stand with my brothers who do own ARs.

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