Enroll today so you are ready for opening day of all seasons

More than 40 percent of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Hunter Education courses are held in spring, making this an opportune time for you to enroll to complete the class to ensure you can hunt when you want to hunt.

“This truly is the best time to get this important course completed. All too often we see how time can get away from people and suddenly we are into the seasons, and the courses are either full or no longer being held,” Hunter Education Administrator and Warden Jon King said. “If you complete the course early in the year, you are scout, target shoot and have fun preparing so you are ready to take to the woods on opening day.”

The hunter education courses are led by trained and certified volunteer instructors and are offered statewide throughout the year.

Easy ways to get do the course

There are three ways to get hunter education certified:

  • Basic Hunter Education – A classroom setting of about 10 hours. Students learn how hunting accidents are caused and how they can be prevented. Hunter responsibility and safety are stressed throughout the classes through lectures, demonstrations, group discussions, practical exercises, and individual study and activity assignments. In most cases, the course also includes a Saturday or Sunday field day at the range. Cost is $10.
  • Online Internet Hunter Education and Field Day – Register for a hunter ed internet field day after passing an online course approved by the DNR. You’ll spend a day in the field with certified online hunter instructors testing what you learned online. The field day is mandatory to earn your hunter education safety certification. Cost is $10, and can range depending on what online course you choose.
  • Adult (18 years of age or older) Online Internet Hunter Education Test Out – Anyone age 18 or older can register for an adult test out scheduled bi-monthly at DNR service centers. Required online course www.huntercourse.com/usa/wisconsin/ costs $24.95 plus a $10 DNR fee.

To find a course or to sign up for the online course, search the DNR website for hunter education and click on the button for “find a class.”

“Thanks to the Hunter Education program, hunting is safe and getting safer,” King said.

Hunter education covers the firearm handling skills, regulations, and responsibilities of a safe and ethical hunter. Nearly 30,000 Wisconsin youths and adults get hunter ed-certified every year. Wisconsin hunter certification is recognized by all states and provinces requiring hunter education.

“Get enrolled now and join the ranks of today’s hunter education graduates who are ensuring the future of our hunting heritage,” King said.

Logo courtesy Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

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