Hunters returning from safari in Africa can attest to the lethality of an enraged Cape buffalo. With 200 people gored and maimed every year, the buffalo takes a seat among the most dangerous animals in Africa. There are few things more frightening than a bull in charge, thundering across the plains with horns readied. Cape buffalo are also known to be more aggressive when wounded, and have been reported to stalk hunters while waiting for a chance to attack.

A camera operator near the Idube Game Reserve in South Africa managed to witness a bull protecting another herd member from attack. Bulls can be fierce guardians and often lead their herds into charging down packs of predators. The below video shows what happens when an unassuming crocodile decides it wants a bit of buffalo steak for brunch. Hint: he should’ve ordered fish.


Image from Grant Peters (TheGrantPeters) on the flickr Creative Commons

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