Through its online Legislative Action Center, the National Shooting Sports Foundation offers a convenient way for supporters of the Second Amendment to urge their legislators to oppose severely restrictive firearms bills that have been introduced in the U.S. Congress and in many states.

NSSF’s Legislative Action Center is the industry’s one-stop hub for finding contact information for federal and state legislators, learning about newly introduced firearms legislation and taking action–sending a letter or making a phone call to lawmakers. Visitors can use both the Research State and Federal Legislation and Industry-Relevant Federal Legislation tools for tracking alarming efforts to restrict ownership and use of semiautomatic rifles and ammunition.

Restrictive gun-control legislation has been introduced throughout the country, including in the U.S. Congress and in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Maryland, Minnesota and New Jersey. Other states are expected to follow suit. New York has already hastily passed new anti-gun laws, the severe impacts of which are only just being realized. In response, firearms owners are turning out by the thousands at state hearings, but just as important is letting legislators know by letter or phone call that these proposed bills are misguided, unwarranted and an assault on Second Amendment rights.

NSSF’s Legislative Action Center provides a core letter, which can be expanded and personalized, that urges legislators to not waste time and public resources on reinstating failed gun-control measures, such as the so-called “assault weapons ban.” For a decade, the ban restricted the sale of semiautomatic rifles and limited magazine capacity to 10 rounds, but according to a U.S. Department of Justice study, the ban did not reduce crime. And since the ban expired in 2004, violent crime has declined.

Legislators are urged to focus instead on effective solutions that will reduce the criminal misuse of firearms by enforcing existing gun laws, improving the background check database and preventing access to firearms by unauthorized persons, including children, at-risk individuals and prohibited persons.

Use the NSSF Legislative Action Center to call or write your federal and state legislators today and urge them to protect your right to own and use the firearms of your choice for target shooting, hunting, personal and home protection and collecting.

Image courtesy National Shooting Sports Foundation

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