MGM Targets is proud to announce Katie Harris as the newest part of the MGM Targets shooting team. An impressive young lady by any measure, At just 17 years old, she clearly exemplifies what dedication and talent can accomplish. Welcome Katie!

Katie as well as 25 other shooters including MGM sponsored shooters John Mouret and Tony Gimellie spent the weekend of February 9th at the inaugural 3 Gun Nation qualifier match in St. Augustine, Florida. The match was open to 2012 3 Gun Nation semi pro and club series shooters who wanted to enter to attempt to get a spot on the Pro Tour.

Team MGM was well represented by the likes of Mouret of Arizona who made the trip, and made it worthwhile with an impressive finish of 3rd overall. John told MGM Targets the match format was great and a pleasure to shoot. The stages were fast and short distances which meant competing shooters were often running stage times of within a second or so of each other said Mouret. Mouret stated that he decided before the match to stick to his plan – play to his strengths and not let the skill or performance of other shooters influence him which turned out to be vital with the event’s extremely fast pace. MGM sponsored shooter, Tony Gimellie finished 20th for the season opening qualifier.

Harris was the only lady, AND the only Junior to make the shootoff. She finished 5th overall.

Katie began shooting at age five in her back yard at Coke cans, with her dad. She then began exploring volleyball, softball, and ran track and cross country through middle school but became bored. The summer after 8th grade, Katie went to her dad’s range, Creekside Firing Range and shot his .22 pistol/rifle match and placed and admirable 10th! Her dad then asked if she wanted to do another match, “Why not?” she replied and off she went – Shooting IDPA, IPSC, and USPSA pistol competitions. That too got boring, so she tried Sniper competitions with her dad as her partner.

Next stop, 3Gun competitions. Katie began shooting 3Gun matches at age 15, local matches at clubs near her home, and started to get a feel of the “excitement, adrenaline rush, and pure fun”. Her first “big match” was the Blue-Ridge 3-Gun in Kentucky where she placed 76th, along with winning High Junior! Following were 5 more matches across the country and she earned High Junior at all of them. During the off season, with her skill, success and confidence on the rise, Katie told her dad she wanted to win High Lady at Nationals and become the first junior to do it. At 16 years old in 2011 she did just that and has continued to progress in 3-Gun to become one of the top in the circuit.

Between 2009 and 2012, Katie earned over two dozen state, regional and national championships, and match placement titles in IDPA, 3 Gun, Multigun, USPSA, and Shotgun classes. Katie is sure to represent MGM Targets professionally at competitions, events and trade shows and MGM is immensely proud to have Katie on the team.

Image courtesy MGM Targets

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