Allegiance Ammunition, manufacturer of the OneStrike, PowerStrike, SilentStrike and CleanStrike lines of lead-core based frangible ammunition has chosen Blue August to represent them in public relations and social media relations efforts.

Allegiance Ammunition focuses on ammunition that transforms small caliber rounds into solid and effective stopping rounds, ideal for personal defense and home protection. All of Allegiance Ammunition’s product line will meet and exceed US Military specifications.

“We are excited to partner with a company like Blue August to assist us in our branding efforts in the firearms and personal defense industries,” says Jeff Mullins, president of Allegiance Ammunition. “We manufacture a very uniquely designed ammunition line that will save lives and protect families. Helping to educate the consumer on what makes our line of ammunition unique and effective is step one in getting our product to market. We feel Blue August can help us accomplish this goal.”

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