When parking your car at an airport you may be worried about it being hit by other cars or even broken into; the last thing you would expect would be rabbit vandalism.

That is exactly what is happening at the Denver International Airport however, as rabbits are chewing through the cables underneath parked cars.

In an interview with CBS Denver Wiley Faris, a spokesman for a Denver area repair shop, “They like to chew on the insulator portion of the ignition cables. That’s what we see, that wiring harness has all the wiring for the car so it can run from the hundreds into the thousands depending on where the harness is damaged.”

Employees of the USDA Wildlife Service are removing more than 100 rabbits each month in an attempt to keep the parking lot safe, but the efforts are not enough and the rabbits continue their destruction.

USAirport parking told CBS Denver that they are building “raptor perches for the hawks and eagles” to help eliminate the rabbit population; rabbits are natural prey for hawks and eagles.

In the meantime, if you want to ensure that your car is not put out of commission by the furry felons, Faris has a solution: “We have found a good deterrent is predator urine, you can pick up fox urine at any pro hunting shop.”

CBS Denver also noted that most insurance companies do not cover bunny-related damages.

Image and video courtesy CBS Denver

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