“You’re trying to be as stealthy as possible,” says UCLA football player Carl Hulick as he explains his method to spearfishing. According to the UCLA Daily Bruin, this time honored tradition has been practiced by the college freshman since he was a child, and doesn’t involve much. Some scuba gear, a three-pronged spear, and a utility knife strapped on his leg is all Hulick needs before he hits the water.

Hulick got his love of swimming from his father, who taught him at an early age how to dive and catch fish. They would often go out to catch fish and make tacos later.

“I just love the feeling of being self-dependent, going out diving and spearing your own food, (then) coming back and preparing this big old dinner with your buddies,” Hurlick said.

The sport of spearfishing is also good mental preparation for field sports. Hurlick began regularly diving in high school and he noticed that the discipline needed for spearfishing translated well to football.

Staying underwater with a spear poised requires both patience and lightning reflexes. It’s all about managing resources and knowing what the limits of your body are. The serenity of the water is also a welcome change from the impacts of the football field and rigors of late night study.

“When I’m down there spearing it’s just peaceful, I’m just there with my thoughts,” Hulick said. “I’m praying, and I’m just enjoying life.”

While he doesn’t get to get out on the water as much as he used to, Hulick tries to snag a fish from time to time with some good friends. He studies history when he’s not throwing a pig-skin around or getting his feet wet.

Watch as Hurlick explains in his own words his spearfishing methods:


Image screenshot of video by ucladailybruin on youtube

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