OpticsPlanet.com, a leader in the hunting, military, eyewear and security industries, teams up withCrimson Trace to help distribute the newly released “The Laser’s Edge” DVD with new Crimson Trace laser sight purchases. The DVD offers instruction on the best practices when using a laser sight and advice on the most likely and successful situations for these firearm sights. All new purchases of Crimson Trace Laser Sights will come with The Laser’s Edge at no extra cost.

The Laser’s Edge takes advantage of the combined knowledge of several specialists, including law enforcement and military professionals, top sport shooters, and firearms experts to provide instruction on a variety of aspects of laser sight usage. From learning the benefits of using a Crimson Trace Laser for self defense when at home or out and about with a concealed carry holster to the best ways to continually practice and develop skills, The Laser’s Edge is a robust training tool for anyone looking to take their firearms technique to the next level.

OpticsPlanet always strives to add extra value for their customers, and The Laser’s Edge presents a perfect opportunity to not only add value but also help further educate. OpticsPlanet puts considerable time into their how-to guides, blogs and informative YouTube videos, so the decision to partner with a leader in laser sight technology like Crimson Trace was easy.

Image courtesy OpticsPlanet

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