The world’s oldest firearms manufacturer has come a long way in Maryland, but not without hiccups. When Maryland tightened gun restrictions under the Clinton administration, Beretta uprooted its warehouse to Virginia, and it seems a similar situation might play out now.

Recently Governor Martin O’Malley presented the Firearm Safety Act of 2013 to the state’s General Assembly. The proposed act would, among other things, ban the sale of so-called “assault weapons” and cap magazine size at 10 rounds. If passed, it could force part or all of Beretta’s operation in the state elsewhere. According to the Washington Post, the legislation by Governor O’Malley could disrupt the manufacture of Beretta’s much anticipated semi-automatic ARX-160 rifle.

“The reasons for the ban being considered are understandable,” said Beretta director Jeff Reh in a testimony. “They are also misguided.”

Beretta USA’s factory sits snuggly in Accokeek besides the Potomac River, where the atmosphere is immersed in the culture and making of guns. The company employs roughly 400 people in the state and has given $31 million in taxes to Maryland in the past seven years. Investments made by the company affect thousands of people in the state. The departure of Beretta will be noticeably felt.

“In Italy, Beretta has existed continuously in the same small town for almost 500 years,” said Reh. “The Beretta family started its investment in Accokeek in the late 1970s and the history of the family is to show commitment to the community in which it locates its businesses.”

The Accokeek location also manufactures the Beretta M9 pistol that is the standard sidearm for nearly every soldier in the U.S. armed forces.

“I’m concerned. I think they’re going to move,” Senator Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr. (D-Calvert) commented. “They sell guns across the world and in every state in the union–to places a lot more friendly to the company than this state.”

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34 thoughts on “Beretta USA’s Future Threatened by Maryland Gun Control Proposals

  1. Please bring your plant to Indiana. Not only is Indiana a more business friendly place, its also more friendly to guns and the people who make them.

  2. This article leaves a lot unreported….

    – Why should gun legislation being considered in Maryland affect Beretta’s bottom line there? How many semi-auto rifles and magazines do they sell in the state?

    – How much revenue does Beretta get from their government contract to sell pistols to the military?

    – Wouldn’t Maryland’s corporate tax structure and incentives to the company be a larger incentive/disincentive to stay or relocate?

    This clearly seems like a ploy on Beretta’s part to play one state against another for corporate gain…and to do it under the guise of blaming proposed gun legislation for the reason for considering a move. The company should be ashamed and so should the writer.

    1. Liberals will never understand why any company would consider leaving a state that is trying to destroy their business!
      It is like Obama claiming to be interested in helping our national economy while at the same time, he is raising taxes and smothering them with impossible environmental regulations, no business has a chance to prosper in America under this administration.

      1. Tax rates are lower now than at any point in the last 20 years. Ditto environmental regulations. And if you have a lumpy dick it’s probably because of the stuff that W’s EPA allowed to get into your drinking water.

      2. This statement is 100% false. Do some research El Mammonista. You obviously don’t own your own business. I have a hunch you may not even have a job. Nice try though.

      1. Yeah, not resorting to name calling is probably a good idea… but I’m curious as to why I’m stupid? Did one of those questions strike you as stupid? Do you have answers to any of those questions?

        Personally, I don’t think a gun ban is a good idea. I think strict background checks and regulations on who can buy guns (i.e. no criminals, crazy people, gunrunners, etc.) is a pretty good idea. But when the chips are down I want as much firepower as I can lay my hands on.

        But why should Beretta, or Weyerhauser, or Nabisco for that matter be able to hold a state government hostage for a sweetheart deal with a threat to move elsewhere and in Beretta’s case do it under the guise of a statewide ban on ‘assault weapons’ ban.
        Maryland only has a population of 5 million people. How many potential sales will Beretta lose if the state enacts it’s ban.

    2. Because they would be making a product that would be illegal to have in that state. They may be breaking state law by doing business.

  3. Oh, go ahead, move to Texas ! If states start to ban weapons then the gun manufacture companies need to STOP selling to these states police and government entities that require weapons. Why does Home Land Security need 7,000 FULLY automatic “military style” rifles ?

  4. We would love to have Beretta in Alabama, business friendly with less taxes, and most of us work for less than $30.00 without union interference.

  5. If legal gun sales are represented by X, and illegal gun sales are represented by Y, why do we allow gun manufacturers to produce X+Y? American servicemen and women killed or wounded with American munitions in recent Middle Eastern conflicts number in the thousands. Why? Loving guns is one thing. Allowing Americans to be butchered out of pure unadulterated greed is quite another. Those who drafted the Constitution didn’t address such incomprehensible greed because, in their time, it was just that: Incomprehensible.

  6. Beretta never should have set up shop in MD in the 1st place. The state has always been hostile to gun owners (main reason I left MD), & they only did it because of a lousy deal that put their firearms into the hands of most of the State’s LE agencies. So now most LE agencies have gone to other makers, & Beretta is stuck in a state that for starters doesn’t deserve their tax revenue or jobs. Time for all makers to start standing up with their pocket books & go to states that respect our rights.

  7. Arizona is the place to go.

    World class hunting, sun 335 days a year plus gun & business friendly.

    Also, one of the largest airports in the world with large dedicated shipping hubs.

    Call Governor Jan Brewers office and see how well your company is treated.

  8. I believe there is a blueprint, probably from the Federal Government, to create certain gun controls. I live in Colorado, and am closely watching the legislation and what it is trying to do here, which seems oddly similar to what is going on in Maryland. This can”t be accidental!
    Additionally, I watched Feinsteins” reaction to questions posed to her, and was amazed at her words and body language. It appears to me that she thinks she is “untouchable”, as to her intent or her knowledge. It is no wonder that California is so screwed up, with the likes of her in the Senate. I believe it is time for a changing of the guard, across the board.

  9. Beretta should move to Florida. Military friendly state, and overall strong supporter of our 2nd Amendment rights. Melbourne, FL would be a great place and we need the jobs too.

  10. Move south gentlemen! Texas or Tennessee or ANY southern state will welcome you and will supply you with craftsmen who love guns!

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