This past Saturday February 23rd Crappie USA held a qualifying event at Miller’s Ferry Lake at Camden,  Alabama. These anglers were competing for not only cash and prizes, but a chance to advance to the prestigious Cabela’s Crappie USA Classic. This year’s classic will be held October 23-26, 2013 on Kentucky Lake at Paris, Tennessee.

This was defiantly not one of the most pleasant events that has been held with strong current, muddy water and heavy rains predicted along with highs only in the 40’s and low 50’s. The less than pleasant conditions left some anglers on the dock and some braving the condition to prove their true competitive spirit.  Many teams credited Stubby Steve’s product for helping catch fish,  probably due to muddy water conditions. The river was very muddy with strong current and lots of floating debris making  travel very challenging for most of the teams. 

Semi-Pro Division Results

Taking first place was the team of Scott Rumsey of Millbrook, Alabama and Steve Brown of Elmore, Alabama weighing in 9.75 pounds and earning $1,000.00. Scott and Steve were fishing the heavy current of the north end of the lake early then moved south to Pine Baron Creek back out of the current vertical jigging live bait tipped with Stubby Steve’s on red hooks in 8-14 feet of water. The team credited Stubby Steve’s to their success by adding scent in the stained water allowing them to catch 30 fish for the day.

Second place went to the team of Roy T. Cape Jr of Cordelle, Georgia and Robert Harris of Warner Robbins, Georgia with a weight of 8.45 pounds and earning $350.00. Roy and Robert also earned an additional $250.00 for taking the Ranger Cup Award in the Semi-Pro Division. Roy and Robert were long line trolling in 6-8 feet of water using white/chartreuse and Baby Bass colored Charlie Brewer Slider jigs tipped with  Stubby Steve’s fishing the lower end of the lake out of the current to catch 25 fish for the day.

In third place was the Gilbert, South Carolina team of Joe and Janette Carter with a weight of 5.09 pounds and earning $150.00. Joe and Janette were long line trolling in 6-8 feet of water on the south end of the lake using blue/chartreuse and red/chartreuse and some acid rain colored Southern Pro jigs tipped with Stubby Steve’s to catch 6 fish for the day.

Amateur Division Results

First place in the amateur division was the one person team of Roger Milby of Auburn, Alabama with a weight of 9.6 pounds and earning $1,000.00. Roger also earned an additional $54.00 for second biggest crappie of the event at a weight of 1.99 pounds. Roger was spider rigging on the north end of the lake in 12-14 feet of water using Southern Pro black/chartreuse and lime/chartreuse jigs where the fish were suspended in 8-9 feet of water over a drop off way back in a bay out of the current to catch 40 fish for the day.

Second place went to the Wingo, Kentucky team of Robert and Dwayne McCord weighing in 7.84 pounds and earning $350.00. Robert and Dwayne were slow trolling in 12 feet of water  with their fish suspended at 8 feet deep using Southern Pro red/black/chart use jigs tipped with Stubby Steve’s to catch over 60 fish of the event.

Taking third place was Gerald Overstreet Jr of Gainstown, Alabama and Jared Overstreet of Douglas, Georgia with a weight of 7.62 pounds and earning $150.00. Gerald and Jared also earned an additional $126.00 for big fish of the event weighing 2.19 pounds. Gerald and Jared were fishing upriver in 16 feet of water slow trolling 8 feet deep with live bait.

Congratulations to all the teams fishing this event. For a complete list of tournament standings and downloadable photos for this event visit then go to Tournament Results.

Image courtesy Crappie USA

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