This week, the Nebraska Firearms Owners Association (NFOA), in conjunction with 38 other national, state, and local organization members of the National Coalition to Stop the Gun Ban, are launching the “Five Phone Calls for Freedom” campaign.

“Barack Obama is struggling because whenever he and his regime make a gun control proposal, Congress is overwhelmed by the opposing response from law-abiding gun owners,” NFOA President Wesley Dickinson stated. “In response to us, last week Obama’s campaign machine spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in an attempt to Astroturf the appearance of grassroots support. But law-abiding gun owners represent the real grassroots, and our message is simple: ‘No new gun control.’”

On Friday, Barack Obama’s re-directed “Organizing for Action” kicked off a national push for gun control, including small rallies, expensive ad targeting of pro-gun legislators, and even a Twitter war which was apparently largely faked.

“Five Phone Calls for Freedom” response to hit Monday

On Monday and Tuesday (February 25 and 26), the NFOA and the other 38 organizations of the National Coalition to Stop the Gun Ban will respond by directing many thousands of phone calls to Congress in an event they are calling “5 Phone Calls for Freedom.”

Gun rights supporters are being advised to call their US House representative, both their US Senators, plus House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

The message gun rights supporters will deliver is:

  1. Nothing about the federal proposals is acceptable – not banning semi-automatic firearms and magazines, not expanding the list of people prohibited from owning guns, and not registering private gun sales via the National Instant Check System;
  2. No “deals” on background checks: Because “compromise” means losing freedom, we will not “compromise” on this issue, including any “lite” version of registering private sales through the National Instant Check System; and
  3. Politicians who support gun control will pay a price: As a member of one of the organizations comprising the National Coalition to Stop the Gun Ban, we will support coordinated Coalition action against any legislator who supports gun control.

Image courtesy Nebraska Firearms Owners Association

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