Ever felt like seeing your favorite valley from a cooler, higher vantage? Apparently these young adventurers have found a way to traverse canyons with nothing but rope, some adjustable straps and a whole lot of guts.

Well sort of–it’s more of a round trip.

In the video below a young man nonchalantly approaches the canyon drop, draws his bow and shoots an anchoring arrow across to the other side (which may have already been there for quite some time). Then he proceeds to harness up and swing on the attached rope, Tarzan-style. Theatrics aside, it’s definitely dangerous and definitely the rush of a lifetime.


Image screenshot of video by devinsupertramp on youtube

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One thought on “Video: Daredevil Canyon Swings

  1. Hah. That arrow wouldnt go 30 feet with that rope! Anyways theres another video floating around of a guy pushing his girlfriend off the same cliff.

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