Beta’s race team posted solid results the past two weeks including Cody Webb as the first American to get on the podium at the Hell’s Gate extreme enduro and Justin Sode winning round 2 of the AMA National East Coast Hare Scrambles. Purvines Racing riders also posted solid results at the Best in the Desert Laughlin US Hare Scrambles.

Cody Webb flew to Italy to battle with Graham Jarvis for the second time in 30 days at the Hell’s Gate extreme enduro. Riding his factory-prepped Beta 300 RR, Webb finished a solid 3rd place in the nasty conditions which included freezing temps, snow, and slippery rocks for days.

Webb describes his race, “Hell’s Gate was insane this year! I felt confident going into this year’s race after my recent win at King of Motos, my previous experience at the race, and I love the new Beta 300 RR for this type of riding. I did some testing before the event with the factory and everything felt awesome. We made a few valving changes to the rear shock and the thing was dialed in perfectly. From there we made our way to il Ciocco, the location of the race. Upon arrival and after walking a short portion of the course I was amazed at how much snow was everywhere on the course. These were conditions I have definitely never ridden in before. Morning qualifiers went well and I adapted to the new conditions pretty well. It was crazy how difficult it is to get through the deep snow and the ice on the bottom. I had a bad time in the first special test after passing two riders, crashing, and then having to pass them both back again. In the next few tests, my times were right there with the two other leaders. In the night race, I started third and made a pass for 2nd in a difficult section a quarter of the way through the lap. Near the end I had a good endo in the creek and tossed my goggles and followed Walker all the way to the end of the lap. Unfortunately, I had to pit every lap and lost some time to the leaders. Second lap I went out and crashed really badly in the ice. I got up and caught Walker again in the same spot and made the pass back into second keeping him behind me the rest of the lap. He got out of the pit before me though and I never saw him again. Basically, rode to the finish all by myself. It was a physically demanding race this year and I was glad to finish how I did considering I have never been in conditions anything like that. The bike was amazing all day and I can’t thank Beta enough for the opportunity they gave me. Feels great to be the only American there and finish as well as I did. Can’t wait to see where the rest of the year takes us.”

American youngster and recently signed Justin Sode impressed everyone turning in one of his best rides of his career by winning the East Coast National Hare Scrambles this past weekend aboard his Beta 250 RR 2 stroke. The Ohio racer found the extreme muddy conditions to his liking as he pushed past everyone to take the overall.

“The national Hare Scramble in Perry, Ga was a mud-fest. 7 inches of rain 2-3 days prior to the race made conditions pretty bad, with standing water in the track in some areas. Aboard my 250 RR I did not know what to expect, due to the fact I haven’t ridden a 2 stroke in the mud for about 3 years. With a few named xc1 pro’s and a handful of xc2 pro’s, the 3 hour race began. I got a great start falling into around 3rd. After I pitted on the first lap, getting some fresh gloves and goggles I began to charge harder to make up some ground. On around the 5th lap I caught up to the overall leaders, and slowly began to make my way through them. With a few laps remaining, I was able to gain the overall lead on the track and finish the day with the win.” Sode explains.

The Purvines Race crew was also hard at it with five Beta’s finishing in the top ten overall positions at the Best in the Desert Laughlin US Hare Scrambles held in Laughlin, Nevada. The team proved to be quick in what is called the tightest desert scrambles of the season. The team of Nick Burson and Justin Morrow finished 2nd overall on their Collin Woolsey prepped Beta 498 RR.


Burson describes his race with teammate Justin Morrow, ” The Laughlin hare scrambles race is by far one of my favorite races of the year. The terrain around Laughlin is what makes this race. It is a lot of single-track rocky type trails with a lot of ups and downs. It’s almost like a huge motocross track. The conditions this year were by far the best I have seen. It made this race even better this year. The worst part of this race is the amount of cactus that lines most of the course. It is not any regular cactus either. It is called cholla cactus and once you get it on you, you’re stuck with it until it falls out or you receive help to pull it out with pliers. My teammate Justin Morrow was fired up also and we knew we had a good shot of winning because we had drawn first starting position. I took off the line at an early 7:15am and was trying to charge. I’m not sure if it was the cold or being up front but I just felt that I rode tight and timid. Not how I have been riding lately. I brought the bike to Justin with no problems and he took off on his loop. We were still in 1st overall physically but just soon after I got my helmet off David Pearson came into the pits about 30 seconds behind me. He started 1-½ minutes behind us so that put us in 2nd on time. I was really bummed with how I rode and that I gave up so much time. Justin put in a solid ride on his loop only losing a little bit of time to a hard charging Robby Bell who has been on fire this year. Robby was right behind Justin when they came into the pits and when I got on the bike Dave took off right in front of me and the race was on. I needed some redemption from that first loop and I was fired up to ride like I know how. I tried to hard in the beginning losing sight of Dave and was starting to get down on myself when he started creeping back into my line of sight. This lit more fire under me and I started charging even harder which put me right on the back of his rear wheel. I could tell he knew I was there because he started to push a little harder and made a few mistakes. Now I knew how I lost so much time on the first loop. It was a lot easier to go fast when you had someone to key off in front of you showing you where the trail went. Finally about mile 12 of our 18-mile loop Dave made a mistake going wide in a corner and I saw my opportunity. I made the pass and made it stick. I tried to put on a charge to put a gap on him but he is such a great rider I knew it would be hard. He stuck right on my fender all the way to the pits. That 18 mile loop battling with him was probably the most fun I have had racing. I passed the bike off to Justin and knew he had his work cut out for him because Robby was going to be right on his tail. It sounds like Justin held Robby off for a decent amount of the loop until Robby made a good pass on him. At that point Justin felt the rear wheel starting to get sloppy and had to slow down. When he came into the pits to hand me the bike for my final loop he was pointing at the rear wheel. I looked down and our tire was off the bead. Our moose tube had come apart and it was like we had a flat tire. Collin our mechanic and myself swapped the wheel with our spare and off I went. I wasn’t sure where 3rd place was on time so I pushed really hard again just to be safe. The rest of the race went really smooth and we brought the Beta 498 home with a 2nd place finish. All in all Laughlin was a successful race for our team. We learned a lot more about the bike and my speed was really good. We will get a win in the BITD series this year as I can feel we are really getting close. Thanks to all the Team sponsors and my personal sponsors for making it possible to be out there competing doing what I love to do!”

Ryan Smith and Axel Pearson finished 5th overall and won the 250 Pro class aboard their Beta 250 RR 2 stroke.

Ryan Smith describes the race, “This was my first time racing the Laughlin Hare Scrambles and upon arriving Friday before the race I felt like a kid in a candy shop. Everywhere you look there were single track trails and it looked like so much fun, I was way excited to race Saturday. Saturday morning came around and I was excited to go racing. I was happy to have Axel Pearson as my partner for this race, we are close in speed and both ride consistent laps, he also knew the area so we decided he would start. We started last for our class and by the end of his first 20 mile lap he already made up over 2 minutes and came into the pits leading. Unfortunately the silencer on the bike broke so we had to switch that and lose close to 5 minutes. I had my work cut out for me and I put my head down and went to work and had a mistake free lap besides a little crash. I made up some time and Axel got back on the bike for his section. Every lap we chipped away at the leader’s time and got closer and closer. It came down to the last lap. Axel did his last lap and made up good time, and then it was my turn. I put my head down and charged hard knowing the course from my previous two laps, at the finish I made up close to 45 seconds and it gave us the win by 30 seconds. Axel and I rode a great race together keeping it clean and fast and we were stoked to win the race.I would like to say thanks to Axel for riding a great race with me and letting us use his bike, Collin for prepping a great bike, David Burson and my dad for great pit stops, Ron Purvines and everyone else at Purvines racing for the opportunity to race the race, American Beta, TBT Racing, Moose Racing, Eks Brand goggles, FMF, Fasst Co., and EVS.”

Rounding out the top ten Beta racers were TJ Nahhifin and Shawn Strong finishing in 7th, Dan Capparelli and Dennis Belingheri in 8th, and Todd Abratowski and his teammate Randy Moos finishing 9th winning the +40 Pro class.

Burson raced the AMA/Checker’s District 37 Hare & Hound the following day winning the event.

Image courtesy American Beta

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