Video: Marksmen Practice on Target at 2,300 Yards


It was a clear day with almost no wind: perfect weather for a day of shooting targets out in the Nevada desert. Why the desert? Well, let’s just say it provides the perfect backdrop from someone who wants to shoot a target upwards of 1.3 miles away. In fact, the shot is so far that video had to illustrate the intervening terrain through Google Earth, which uses satellite imagery.

That’s pretty impressive.

Among the gear used were:

  • 7mm SAUM/ Remington Long Action
  • Savage BA110 .338 Lapua Magnum
  • Harris Bi-Pod
  • McRees Folding Chasis
  • Bushnell H2DMR Scope
  • L.V. Steel Targets

Shooting 2300 Yds. from Mark Dalzell on Vimeo.

We’ve featured Mark Dalzell’s videos on Outdoor Hub before, and this one is just as impressive as the last.

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