Extreme explorer Andrew Ucles is rising in popularity for his bare-handed, shirtless approach to the dangers of the Australian bush. Late last year a video surfaced of the 24-year-old taking down a deer with nothing but his hands and a succinct knowledge of the grappling arts. Now Ucles is seeking to one-up that feat.

Stalking, running down, and forcing a deer into submission via headlock is every bit as difficult as it sounds. To upstage that, Ucles has to up the ante. The Australian native seeks out and catches four snakes (three red belly blacks and one Australian tiger), to help him hunt rabbits. Yes, Ucles is conscripting the fourth most venomous snake in the world and its slightly less lethal cousins to flush out some small game. To put this in perspective, tiger snake venom has a 40% to 60% untreated mortality rate. Ucles’ gear includes one pair of track shorts, some running shoes, and his hands.

Definitely not recommended for anyone who’s not Bear Grylls.


Image screenshot of video by Andrew Ucles on youtube

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3 thoughts on “Video: Australian Man Catches Rabbits with Highly Venomous Snakes

  1. This bloke is a complete tosser… another total wombat giving genuine good smart aussies a bad reputation to the rest of the world. A head shot with a .22 on a rabbit anywhere in Oz is going to get you a bag full pretty quickly, without having to handle snakes!!! What kind of fool goes out in the bush in shorts and runners anyway? This blokes not the real deal and is gunna get himself hurt very soon.

  2. uh dont think the bloke’s loaf is all the way baked do you? my friend in queensburro sorry for the misspell said the guy is a nutcase

  3. See this is what happens when you have WAY TOO MUCH GUN CONTROL!!!! Folks have to use deadly snakes to go rabbit hunting Hmmmmm…..let me think .22 or deadly Tiger Snake??

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