Swedish RC explorer and blogger David Windestål embarked on his most ambitious project yet with sending a remote controlled plane into space. Yes space, as in 30,000 meters above sea level and more than high enough to capture the curve of the world.

The space glider took a lot of serious thinking when it comes to design. After all, you can’t just cobble some glue, duct tape and plastic and shoot it off into space. If NASA couldn’t do that, neither could Windestål. He had to construct a craft capable of surviving negative 40 Celsius temperatures and still be able to fly. There was also the issue of finding a transmitter that has the appropriate range and reliability, the Go-Pro camera to record the flight, a GPS system and electricity to run the whole thing. Any hobby that requires a degree in aerospace engineering is required to be impressive. A detailed list of equipment and construction can be found here.

The next step was attaching the plane to a balloon set to burst at 33,000 feet. However, will the launch go off without a hitch? Watch below to find out.


Image screenshot of video by David Windestål on youtube

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