Football, soccer, basketball and…bass fishing? One Missouri high school teacher believes that bass fishing should be added to the roster of school sports, complete with teams, boats and coaches.

According to KY3-TV, Republic High School teacher Jim Huson is leading the charge for bass fishing to become a sanctioned school sport. Supporting him are state fishing associations along with organizations like The Bass Federation Student Angler Federation. The proposal is under consideration now by administrators for the spring ballot.

If approved, Missouri could see a whole new line of athletic competition for students.

“By voting yes on this we’re catering basically to what society’s demanding of us and that is to try to help kids get into fishing,” said Huson.

Plans are in place to organize state and national championships along with college scholarships. According to Missouri High School Anglers, residents first became interested in the idea when Illinois sanctioned bass fishing as a sport in more than 200 schools. Currently, 36 Missouri schools are interested in participating if it is offered by the Missouri State High School Activities Association.

Image from Curtis Fry (El Frito) on the flickr Creative Commons

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