A formal vote was held Monday for a series of bills in the Colorado state senate. The package includes:

  • HB 1228: Background check fee payments
  • HB 1229: Background checks for guns sold in private transactions
  • SB 195: In-person gun training courses
  • SB 197: Domestic violence offenders to relinquish firearms
  • HB 1224: “High capacity” magazine ban (15 round limit)

Two of the bills have been withdrawn from the package, including:

  • HB 1226: Restricting concealed carry on campuses
  • SB 196: Legal liability for manufacturers and distributors of “assault weapons”

The Colorado Senate has approved the five-bill gun control package. Many of the bills–including the magazine ban, which passed in a contentious 18-17 vote–will return to the state House for further approval because of amendments added while in the Senate. The only bill to head straight for the governor’s signature is HB 1228, which will require gun buyers to pay $10-$12 for a background check. Governor John Hickenlooper stated previously that he supports both the magazine limit and “expanded background checks.”

The commentary on the senate’s decision is decisively split.

“We will make a difference and increase gun safety in Colorado and decrease gun violence,” said Senate president John Morse (D-Colorado Springs), a strong proponent of the bills.

Senator Kevin Lundberg (R-Berthoud) disagrees. “This arc is headed toward tyranny,” he commented.

Many companies involved in the firearms industry have previously promised to leave the state if the bills are passed into law. Notably, Colorado-based gun accessory manufacturer Magpul was at the forefront of the opposition to the bills, speaking out against the legislation both in person and through a strong online presence. Magpul has indicated that they will leave the state (to which it contributes 200 jobs and $85 million to the economy) if HB 1224 passes.

Recently the sportsmen-centric Outdoor Channel also announced it will withdraw from filming in Colorado if the bills are passed.

Image from ColoradoSenateGOP on the flickr Creative Commons

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