The Idaho House of Representatives has approved a bill Monday that would make it illegal for local police to enforce the new federal restrictions on firearms.

The bill is mostly symbolic as federal agents would still be able to enforce the restrictions. The bill is currently headed to the state Senate after passing in the House with a vote of 55-13.

The bill would levy up to $1,000 in fines and up to a year of prison upon any Idaho officials who enforce, or aid federal officials in enforcing, the new federal gun restrictions. This measure is aimed not only at current new firearm legislation, but also as a pre-emptive measure for other federal bills being considered or voted on.

Idaho representative Judy Boyle told Reuters reporter Laura Zuckerman, “We want to make it clear to citizens of Idaho that our police officers are our partners in protecting the rights of gun owners.”

This Idaho bill follows a recent trend of state and local legislation which is pushing back against the new federal firearm restrictions, such as bill in a Georgia town that would make gun ownership mandatory.

Image courtesy Boise Metro Chamber

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