Today, the Nebraska Firearms Owners Association (NFOA), responded to Mayor Jim Suttle’s recent campaign ad threatening an “assault weapons” ban in Omaha.


Why is Mayor Suttle focused on an “assault weapons” ban?

In the past, Mayor Suttle has said, “In Nebraska we strongly support the Second Amendment right to bear arms, but the overwhelming majority of law-abiding gun owners know that with rights come responsibilities.”

Yes, Mayor Suttle, we, the law-abiding gun owners of Nebraska, understand that we have responsibilities.  What comes as a surprise to us is that you’re focused on further infringing upon the rights of law-abiding citizens rather than on catching criminals.

Mayor Suttle has also said, “Legislation that keeps illegal guns off our streets and out of dangerous hands is the responsible thing to do.”

We, the law-abiding gun owners of Nebraska, couldn’t agree more.  The great news is … those laws already exist.  Unfortunately, you, as mayor, have done a rather poor job of enforcing those laws.

We, the law-abiding gun owners of Nebraska, would like Mayor Suttle to know that these so-called “assault weapons” (a purposely confusing and inflammatory term invented by politicians and gun-control advocates) are used in fewer than 2.5% of murders nationally (2011 FBI statistics).

Why not focus on something that would have a bigger impact on reducing violent crime in our city?  Why try to ban rifles when hammers and clubs were used in more murders in 2011?  (Approximately 4% of murders in 2011 were committed with hammers, clubs and other blunt objects.)

Even better, Mayor Suttle … perhaps you could expend as much effort (or more) on an innovative plan to eradicate drugs and gangs from our city.  Hint: More officers on the street is not an innovative plan.

Mayor Suttle, we realize that not only do rights come with responsibilities, but so do positions of authority.  Unfortunately, you’re using your position of authority to push a nonsensical, anti-Second Amendment agenda rather than focusing on real-world plans to reduce crime and improve our community.

Law-abiding gun owners are happy to accept the responsibility of handing you your pink slip in May.

Image courtesy Nebraska Firearms Owners Association

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