In the town of Atwood, Illinois a local youth baseball league is raffling off a Rock River Arms Tactical Operator AR-15 to raise money for new equipment.

The team is not affiliated with Little League International, and league commissioner Steven McClain told NBC that “We’re not funded by anybody. We don’t have any outside funds. We knock on doors to get sponsors from our local businesses and we’re self-sufficient.” McClain also said that all proceeds from the raffle go directly to the youth baseball league.

The response to this raffle has exceeded expectations and has already raised about $1,600 in just two days. The raffle is not limited to Illinois either, as people from all around the country are entering to win the AR-15. Charidy Butcher–the co-owner of The Atwood Armory shop which donated the gun–told NBC that she had “gotten calls from every state in the country.”

According to Butcher the Rock River Arms Tactical Operator 2 AR-15 was made by a local Illinois manufacturer, and is “one of the hottest [guns] on the market right now. They’re almost impossible to get your hands on.”

Perhaps due to the scarcity of this AR-15, the youth league has already more than doubled their previous fundraising record of $600. The $1,600 raised so far also blows away the funding from the raffle last year, which totaled just $10.

The winner of the raffle will be required to pass a full background check.

If you would like to enter the raffle you can call Atwood Armory at (217) 578-2767. Tickets are $20 each.


Image and video courtesy Real News World Wide

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One thought on “AR-15 Raffle for Illinois Youth Baseball League Raises $1,600

  1. oooooooooooh no, not the “AR”……i think it is great that you are allowed to do what ever it takes to help your youth play ball. i commend you for picking a great way to do it in this day and times of all our troubles. i hope you get all the funds you need to to keep the kids playing ball. sure wished i could get a ticket for this great cause.

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