Asian carp are a menace to American waterways and native species. Since the 1970s, non-native carp have flooded the Mississippi River along with connecting waterways and put both commercial fishermen and recreational anglers at risk. They are one of the top threats to the Great Lakes ecosystem, which contributes millions of dollars to the local fishing industry. To top it off, the species lives in deeper waters and can be harder to catch using conventional methods than native fish.

But of course, there are some who think outside of the box. One Illinois man and his sons are doing a great thing for their environment by boating down a narrow drainage ditch filled with jumping carp. At the end of the day, they counted more than 70 thrashing fish lining their boat.

Be aware, a 10-pound carp jumping from the water could provide a sizable threat to your well-being. Not to mention your ability to stay above water.


Image screenshot of video by J Bood on youtube

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